Chicken wire? No way!

Chevrolet Camaro 1972

Using chicken wire for repairs is a cost-effective method aimed at fooling people. As seen in the pictures, this iconic 1970s car deserves a higher-quality solution than a cheap repair. For this restoration, we opted for the finest aftermarket sheet metal parts available. Upon completion, the repair achieves a factory-like appearance.

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When stripping the car down

Chevrolet Camaro 1972

When stripping the car down to bare metal and removing all the parts such as fenders or doors, you can truly assess its condition. What becomes evident is that this particular part is in need of attention.

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Chevrolet Camaro – iconic, but…

Chevrolet Camaro 1972

This iconic 1972 Chevrolet Camaro arrives in my garage after undergoing a nuts-and-bolts restoration. Over its 52 years, this car has undergone multiple repairs. After stripping the entire car down to bare metal, we observed several scars. We began addressing its major issue, which involved installing a new side wall and tail side. For this, we utilized new aftermarket replacement parts where necessary and repaired the original components where possible.

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Dustless blasting in dolnośląskie

A few days ago, we tested the dustless blasting – our new machine. Normally, we use a rust inhibitor, so for 3 days, the car will not be covered with rust. However, for this test, we didn’t use it, which is why you see a little rust.

We can strip a car to bare metal without metal warping using glass and water for this process. We are mobile with this machine, so it is not necessary for you to come to us. We can come to you and help you.

1966 Mercedes W111 Coupe


1966 Mercedes W111 coupe

At Sam’s, we are passionate about restoring classic cars of any make or model, and we approach every restoration project with enthusiasm and expertise to help bring your car back to life. In this case, we received a 1966 Mercedes W111 coupe.

It came in for a paint job, but upon inspection, we found some surprises. This car had been in an accident in the past and was out of alignment.

It also had bathroom silicone repairs in different places. We took action to fix all the issues and bring this car back to its former glory.

We stretched the body back to factory specifications, repaired the badly-done previous repairs, and even made some parts ourselves. We opened up the body to repair the metal parts behind it, and closed it up after the repairs were done. These were the only bad things on this car that needed to be repaired. In the end, we gave it its shine back with an ivory yellow paint job with a black roof.

This W111 is not the only one we have at the moment. We also have another one under construction – a W111 coupe 280 – to bring it back to its former glory. We have already replaced around 50% of the car, and when the end is near, I will reveal all the pictures from A to Z. For now, it is still under construction. We also have another W111 coupe in for a paint job only (yeah, right). Let’s see what comes after removing all the paint down to bare metal. For now, it’s standing in line.


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