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We grow from our passion for classic cars


It’s a passion for us to keep the classic cars on the street. Sam’s can help you to restore or repair your accident damage and with paint jobs.


Restoring classic vehicles is not just a job, it’s a passion. Skilled craftsmen in Sam`s use their knowledge and experience to restore classic vehicles to their original condition or even improve upon it, while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

The process

The restoration process can take several months, depending on the condition of the car and the extent of the work needed. Throughout the process, you can expect regular updates and progress reports, as well as opportunities to provide feedback and input. At the end of the restoration process, you will be left with a classic vehicle that not only looks stunning, but also has the power and performance to match.

Classic restoration garage

Sam’s Survivor Cars is place with highly skilled and experienced mechanics who specialize in working on vintage cars and trucks. From classic muscle cars to rare imports, these professionals have the knowledge and expirience to bring these vehicles back to life.

We can help with

Accident car repair, we restore vehicles to perfect condition!

Our paint shop offers painting of entire vehicles as well as individual parts of the car.


Towing vehicles with enclosed trailers offer several advantages, especially during adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. By transporting vehicles with a closed tow truck, the transported vehicle is protected from rain, keeping it clean and safe.

Autotransport service

Start price

300 PLN
300 PLN

Price per kilometer

3,00 PLN
3,00 PLN

Discount above

400 KM
400 KM

On our website’s blog, you can browse through our past classic car restorations and paint jobs. These projects are a true testament to our passion for cars. Check out our portfolio and see the stunning transformations we’ve accomplished..


Address: Majowa 18A
59-623 Lubomierz, Poland

Phone: +48 530 833 924
Instagram: @sams_survivor_cars/
Facebook: /samssurvivorcars


Visits to our workshop are by prior arrangement. Please contact us by phone or e-mail to arrange a visit.

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