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Experience in mechanics acquired in the Netherlands since 1995.  Classic cars were especially important. Design methods, unique construction solutions – souls of creators passing to the machine. Our mechanics love repairing historic beauties with a passion equal to that of the creators.

We also work with modern cars. In the workshop located in Lubomierz, we can help you repair any mechanical and electrical damage in your vehicle. We specialize in mechanical repair and vehicle restoration, in addition, we can help you perform other services in cooperation with proven and reliable companies. 

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A common method of cleaning all surfaces, from buildings to car parts. The soda cleaning process is intended for:

  • non-aggressive non-invasive processing of steel, aluminum, wood, glass, etc.
  • removal of post-production impurities from machines
  • derusting of historic and modern vehicles
  • cleaning and renovation of building facades
  • graffiti removal
  • renovation of bricks and plasters to the original color
  • restoration of monuments

If your oil is leaking or you see blue smoke, it is a sign that the head may have malfunctioned. It always hurts, but when coolant mixes with oil, for example, it can seriously damage. Come to us and we will help you when you have similar or other problems.

Symptoms of gearbox damage may vary, usually they are noticed without any problems, but for the Google index to better position our website, we will describe you in such detail that you have no doubts :).

Symptoms of gearbox damage:

  • If you are unable to shift into any of the gears or it stays and cannot be changed then you have this problem.
  • Gear changes are made at a slower pace
  • One or more gears don’t work, but you’re generally going somehow
  • The engine runs at high speed
  • Fluid is leaking from the gearbox
  • You feel a burn

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Modern foils can change the face of any car. The key to success is the perfect application. We work with a timely and reliable company specializing in vehicle wrapping. From design to application.

Wrapping cars at a relatively low cost can completely change any vehicle, give a texture, repaint it in your favorite colors or graphics, or create a sticker bomb-style collage.

The noblest technique, thanks to which, with proper care, the effect will last for years. The service is useful both when selling a vehicle and for cars that we care about. A well-made varnish pleases the eye, it does not need to be repeated.